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 Zoe looks after our crew of 4 cats, 1 rabbit, 1 hamster and a goldfish regularly - for our 2 week summer holiday and various weekends away throughout the year. I completely trust her with them and know they get the care they need - she treats them as her own. I also like the fact that our house is visited during the day with post being picked up, lights going on and curtains being opened and closed.
Mrs Morris

Dave the dog absolutely loves Zoe and we are so thankful to have come across her as we know that Dave is so well looked after and has such a fun time out on his walkies with Zoe.
Mrs White

Having Zoe look after my house rabbit Reggie is a god send, especially as I work full time.  It's so nice to have someone looking after him that I know I can rely on and someone I know who loves Reggie, as much as he loves her!  I am more than comfortable Reggie is getting the best of care when I am not around and Reggie loves his regular visits from Zoe.
 Zoe loves Albert and he really loves her. He took to her immediately and we've never looked back. They have a very special bond which puts our minds to rest when we leave him for work each day. She is more than a dogwalker, she really cares and we feel blessed to have her in our lives. 
We are so grateful Zoe has come into our lives and made going away not such a stressful situation. We have two cats, one on medication and Zoe looks after them with such special care. She really cares about our girls - she sends us text updates which we love to receive. We cant recommend Zoe highly enough!
Val and John
Zoe started looking after George two years ago. He's 15 now and slowing down but Zoe's visits have definitely given him a new lease of life. We love getting updates from Zoe on his daily escapades knowing that he is in safe hands and getting lots of cuddles and attention whilst we are at work. George is very precious to us and we're comforted in the knowledge that Zoe takes such care of our boy. He's one lucky OAP Westie to have Zoe in his life.
Mrs Harding


Zoe takes such good care of my beautiful pug, Dolly. They are the best of friends - it's such a help knowing I can call on her and she will come to care for her when I know I am not able to
Mrs Brannan
Zoe Cat and House sat for me while I took a holiday earlier this month.  It is obviously a leap of faith to trust someone you don't know to stay in your home and look after your pets, but now that I have used Zoe, I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.   
Of my three cats, my "boys", two are quite shy and don't make a fuss of strangers.  I wasn't sure how they would respond - but I did know they would hate being left in a cold pen in a cattery during winter, and not being given any love and attention.  Zoe put my mind at ease by sending me daily text messages saying how my precious boys were doing. When I arrived home she had left a detailed log of the daily medication / grooming and attention that she had given to each of them.  The shy ones were now treating her as an old family friend.  
Clearly this is more than just a business for Zoe as she is passionate about animals and it shows in the way she looked after my boys.  Within days of her going, I noticed them wandering around the house looking for her!
Mrs Davies
I can honestly say the service provided by Claudine's Dogwalking and Pet Sitting is second to none and I cannot recommend her enough. My 2 dogs adore their daily walks which are always varied and they always come back happy and exhausted. They are then hosed down, fed and fall asleep until I come home from work. I really couldn't do without her!
Mr & Mrs Lawlor
Zoe has walked Bea for over two years, and I couldn't be happier with her service. When I leave Bea in the morning I know that she will be walked and cared for by Zoe as if she were her own dog. Bea is a very energetic dog so its good to know that Zoe changes her walking routes to keep the dogs on their paws! Bea's most enjoyable walks are when her and her buddies are taken to Belfries for a dip in the brook or down to the jetty at Two Tree for a swim - excellent for a cool down when its hot!
Miss Stanley

Zoe looks after our very loved labrador Smithy. She takes him out every day with his favourite stick and give him a really good work out. He always comes home and gets into bed for a snooze afterward. He loves going in the stream so she ensures he always has a bathe - she is brilliant and a life saver, we'd be lost without her!
Mrs Kelly
Zoe has been looking after our dogs for us since June 2011. Come rain or shine, wind or snow its good to know she is there for our littles ones when we can't be - always with a hug and a smile. She often sends us text updates or photos of our two out and about (or just chilling with her on the sofa on days when its too cold/rainy to entice them outdoors!) which makes leaving them for long periods so much less stressful for us. We are so pleased that we found Zoe and I don't know what we'd do without her!
Mrs Presland

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